First impressions are really important, so it is essential that you prepare your home to be as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. In general, the property should appear bright, spacious and liveable, rather than dark or cluttered.

Following are some simple and practical tips on presenting your home, enhancing its selling potential at little or no cost.


  • Your home should be clean and tidy, but a display home presentation is not necessary. Aim to create an atmosphere of relaxed, comfortable living for all the family.
  • Pack away all non-essential items and keep furniture to a minimum, as this will highlight large rooms and smaller ones appear more spacious.
  • Clear out cupboards to create the impression of more storage space, an important consideration for many. Potential buyers are likely to open every door, wardrobe, cupboard and drawer so ensure they are tidy and free of clutter.
  • Ensure the kitchen is spotlessly clean, paying particular attention to the oven, cooktop and sink. Also keep benchtops clear and remove any junk from the fridge door.
  • Bathrooms too should be squeaky clean, especially the bath and shower recess. Ensure there is no mould or soap residue on tiled areas and polish mirrors to a sparkle.
  • Wash or dryclean curtains and dust Venetian blinds. Better still, have a professional do the job. The cost is surprisingly low but the results can be amazing!
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned to remove any stains and freshen the pile.
  • Check that all light fittings are clean and light bulbs are working.
  • Check thoroughly for cracks in walls, ceilings and cornices and repair/repaint where necessary.
  • Eliminate the possibility of unpleasant odours by keeping pets outside and refrain from smoking indoors. Be aware also of smells caused by cooking, as certain foods can leave a lingering odour for days. Purchasing a pleasant smelling air freshener or fragrant oil burner can be a worthwhile investment.


  • If you have a garden, mow the lawns, cut edges and sweep paths. Trim trees, hedges and shrubs, in particular any that might block light through the windows as natural light is very appealing.
  • Remove weeds from paths and driveways and apply mulch to garden beds, especially in the front garden.
  • Clear gutters and drains of leaves and rubbish.
  • If you have a courtyard or balcony, ensure louvres are clean and free from cobwebs. Glass should be sparkling to showcase the view.
  • Sweep cobwebs from outside walls and garages.
  • Remove any unnecessary items from balconies, the garage or storage room and store possessions neatly.
  • Remove any oil spills or stains from garage or car bay floors.
  • If you have an outdoor BBQ area, make sure this is clean and inviting as this is a feature that will appeal to those who enjoy entertaining.
  • Hire a high pressure cleaner to restore pavers or use a steam cleaner on balcony tiles. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.
  • If you are in an apartment and you are aware of maintenance or cleaning required on common property, ensure you advise your building manager and ask that they be attended to. Potential buyers may feel disappointed before they even reach your home if the building or surrounds are in need of attention.
  • Remember, the external appearance of your home will determine whether or not the purchasers are encouraged to come inside and see more. Generally, you will only get one chance to attract a potential buyer inside, so it is vital that you do all you can to create appeal up front.


  • Complete all minor repairs such as dripping taps, broken tiles, wall cracks, squeaky doors, chipped or peeling paint, etc. Small things like these can cause unnecessary concern and give the impression that more expensive maintenance is required, possibly affecting the sale.
  • Clean all accessible windows inside and out and repair any worn or damaged flyscreens where fitted.
  • If you need to repaint, keep the colour tones light and neutral as these will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Even if repainting is not necessary, ensure all marks are cleaned off the paintwork.
  • Be prepared to show your property at any time. The prospect you turn away may be the one most likely to buy.
  • If your home is a rental property, you might like to consider providing incentives for tenants to present it nicely for inspections, such as a small reduction in rent whilst on the market.

Overall, presenting your home as a well maintained and cared for property will be appreciated by prospective buyers and put your home ahead of the others. The better it looks, the more its perceived value will increase, so it is definitely worth going that extra mile!

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